Animal Resources

Supporting research studies by providing the highest standards of animal care leading to improved reproducibility.

  • Animal use protocol development and ethics approval

  • Veterinary oversight and compliance support

  • Animal handling and technical training

  • Custom mouse breeding, weaning, and colony expansion

  • Technical services including sample collection, drug administration and surgery

Model Production

Providing genetically engineered mice for investigating gene function and testing therapeutic intervention.
  • Allele design and vector construction for targeting and transgenics

  • Production, and quality control of mouse mutant lines using Cas9, ES cells, or transgenics

  • Gene targeting and quality control in mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells

  • Generation of chimeras including tetraploid complementation assay

  • Derivation of new mouse ES cells and embryonic fibroblasts

  • Colony management and genotyping for research cohort production

Clinical Phenotyping

Identifying clinical phenotypes of mouse models of human disease using internationally standardized in vivo tests.
  • Custom in-life phenotyping across major physiological and neurological systems

  • Morphology assessment & sensory testing (thermal, mechanical, olfactory, auditory, visual)

  • Organ function, including heart, kidney, blood, musculoskeletal

  • Neurobehaviour analysis for learning and memory, trait anxiety, depression, social behaviour

  • Preclinical testing of treatments with clinical phenotyping


Discovering complex morphological and developmental phenotypes that lead to new hypotheses about disease mechanisms.

  • High-throughput 3D imaging to study mouse embryo and adult anatomy

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-ray micro-computed tomography (┬ÁCT), High-frequency ultrasonography, Optical projection tomography, and Serial two-photon fluorescence microscopy

  • Image analysis, image visualization, and 3D mouse atlases


Identifying histological changes associated with disease and therapeutic interventions.

  • Gross pathology including whole body necropsy or organ-specific dissection

  • Clinical chemistry with blood collection and analysis of up to 18 analytes

  • Histology with fixed or frozen tissue processing and sectioning, routine or special staining

  • Immunohistochemistry with automated high-throughput single and multiplex fluorescence

  • Digital pathology with whole slide imaging and quantitative image analysis

  • Histopathology for research interpretation and evaluation

Archiving & Distribution

Securing and distributing valuable mouse resources to promote research reproducibility, collaboration and impact.
  • Sperm and embryo cryopreservation for long-term storage and biosecurity

  • Sperm and embryo cryorecovery to re-establish lines from cryopreserved stock

  • Rederivation or rescue of mouse strains into specific pathogen-free status

  • Distribution of cryopreserved or recovered lines

Service Partners

TCP collaborates with multiple research service providers to ensure our clients have access to cutting-edge technologies across domains for their research projects

  • Infection studies with bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi in CL2 and CL3 as well as inflammatory models are supported by our collaborators at the McGill Infection and Inflammation Platform

  • Proteomics and metabolomics studies, including several quantitative mouse tissue proteomics assays developed in collaboration with TCP, can be executed at the Proteomics Centre at the University of Victoria

  • Sanger and next generation sequencing for quality control of animal models are conducted at The Centre for Applied Genomics

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